The Chamber

It is dark, quiet and warm in the chamber. She floats, luxuriating in the water, feeling safe, content and happy, not knowing when the experiment is going to begin. Her lover is at the controls readying things for her, checking settings and making sure that nothing is overlooked. When he is satisfied, he presses the green START button on the touchscreen and sits back to observe.

Testosterone-based pheromones are released into the chamber’s air space. She is suddenly overwhelmed with desire, her pulse quickens and she starts to breathe heavily and deeply. Her skin flushes, nipples stiffen and labia start to engorge as her body reacts to the olfactory invasion. Her vagina starts to seep lubrication and trips a sensor. An indicator on the screen lights showing a positive reaction to the pheromones and the beginning of phase 2.

Clips that till this moment rested over her nipples begin to contract, squeezing the nubs. The flesh reacts and stiffens further. Hand-shaped waldoes move around her breasts and begin to manipulate in a manner similar to a milking machine, progressively squeezing the pliable tit flesh toward the darkening areola. A microphone captures her moans and a camera records her licking her lips. Sensors near her vagina and anus pick up the light contractions and flexing of arousal. The indicator on the screen shows the beginning of phase 3.

Small electrodes attached to the nipple clips and around her clit send tiny tingles into her. She twitches involuntarily to the new sensations. She inhales sharply and moans out loud to the silence of the chamber. Her lover watches on the monitor to her every reaction, and glances at the myriad number of gauges and meters that reveal in quantifiable numbers the level of her arousal. She is running an AI (arousal index) of 7. Her lover presses a button to raise the AI to 8, which increases the power of the shocks, and adds electrodes inserted in her vagina to either end of her Grafenberg spot. Sensors detect her blood pressure is rising, and the continued engorgement of her vaginal tissues. A camera picks up the change in color of her labia and clitoral hood as she becomes more aroused. Her pelvic muscles start to pump in time with the shocks running through her body. The next indicator shows the beginning of phase 4.

A waldo moves to her mouth, and brushes against her lips. Her tongue instinctively pops from between parted teeth to lick at the proffered stimulator. As she lashes it, a secretion is deposited on her tongue, a semen sample from her lover. She knows it is his flavor, the salty and musky essence fills her. The recalled memory of a recent lovemaking session, where she took his entire ejaculation in her mouth and reveled in its flavor before swallowing. The meters in the control room spike with her autonomous reaction to the oral stimulus. Her lover raises an eyebrow, wondering what caused the peak. Her AI reads 9. She is ready for phase 5.

Thin rods lodged within her anus and vagina start to expand, filling her completely. She shudders at the invasion of her deepest recesses. The inflations begin alternating, swelling first in back, then in front. She feels filled to completeness, never before has this level of pleasure been hers. Her clit is fully exposed, and pulses with the invasion. The camera picks up the tell tale signs of peaking. Her climax is imminent. Her lover backs off the intensity level, letting her calm down. She is moaning, and writhing in the water. Her face is flush and contorted in the beautiful moment of ecstasy. Her pleas for release are picked up by the microphone, but are ignored by her lover. The chamber’s program starts to randomize the stimulation around her body. First her breasts, then bottom, a whiff of pheromone, more semen on the lips, a zap of the clit. At first, it is maddening to her, not enough stimulation in one place to put her over the edge. The stimulations start to speed up; a rhythm racks her body as she starts to convulse sympathetically. Her pussy and ass clamp down on the rods as she reads AI 10. Juices ejaculate from her vagina, splashing the camera and filling the air with her own smell. The stimulations continue, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm as her lover watches attentively.

Eventually, the chamber ends its program and slowly withdraws the probes, rods, clips and sensors. She floats blissfully in the warm water, breathing deeply, relaxed.

She awakens in his arms, floating together in the chamber. They kiss tenderly and embrace in the silence.

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